Monday, October 22, 2007

Fall in Ohio

Fall is finally arriving in OH! It's had a few false starts--deliciously cool fragrant days followed by obnoxiously warm oppressive ones; but it's more fall than not now. Today my husband, dog and I decided to play outside in the leaves. Then we met up with my in-laws for lunch--a delicious smorgasbord from the local deli. We ended the day perfectly with our HC at The Dublin Pub where we talked, laughed, cried a little, were challenged, and had the opportunity to pray with our server, a struggling brother.


  1. I love fall!:) Looks like you guys had a nice walk, and a good day!:) Great pics!:)

  2. Oh Stacie, thank you so much for posting such pretty fall pictures... I want to go take a walk so bad, but 'walking' and 'bedrest' just don't mix... So thank you! :-)

  3. We have a major shortage of trees here in the middle of the great plains, so I especially enjoy looking at pictures of your beautiful fall leaves.