Friday, September 07, 2007

Mexican Lasagna

For the first time in ages I cooked today! It was fun! I started out thinking I would make Ufda! Taco's. I had been craving them for awhile. Then I decided what I was really craving tonight was Mexican Lasagna. I know it will be a shock for all who know me, but I used a Rachael Ray recipe. :) I found the recipe on The Food Network's website.
I made her Mexican Lasagna andFruit and Vegetable Fiesta Salad. They were both terrific! I made brownies for dessert. They were the new Pillsbury Brownie Batter--ones you just spread and bake. Even though there was no mixing involved--just cut and squeeze. I still managed to get covered in brownie batter. How do I do that?! Of course, that's why I got my apron, but who knew I'd have to where it when I wasn't really cooking, just pretend cooking! Craziness!

Here's a cute picture Ralph took of Kenya today! I love the tongue thing! She always has it sticking out just a little bit. :) Oh, and I am so proud, she can go up and down the stairs all by herself now. Unfourtunately, that means the cat, Jedi, has nowhere to hide now. Kenya thinks it's fun to go upstairs when she's bored and terrorize Jedi. Hopefully, the demon side of her doesn't come back because of it! :(


  1. That lasagna looks great!! So did the salad, no not surprised you still managed to get stuff on you (: You enjoy what you do right?! Yea Kenya!!

  2. Nice work woman!!! Can I come over?! Ok, I had to laugh when you said you were covered in stuff-glad to hear you have not changed! LOL! I can't believe how big Kenya has gotten, kind of amazing that she could not do the stairs:)-very cute!