Wednesday, August 29, 2007

On the mend . . . I hope!

I am on the mend, I hope, after battling the flu/cold this weekend. It hit me like a mac truck in the middle of the night Saturday and I was down for the count until yesterday? afternoon. I'm a little fuzzy on which day is which d/t being on night shift. Anyway, for the first time in the two years I've been at this job (and maybe quite a bit longer than that) I called in sick. That is no small decision when you're a contractor like me and you won't get a paycheck if you don't work. It was worth it, though. I went back to work last night and by 1 am I thought I was done--I couldn't go on, but I pressed on and by 6 am I was feeling strangely better. I slept the day away, unintentionally and now other than feeling it all settle in my chest, I feel pretty good.
Ralph and I went to Mimi's Cafe for breakfast this morning. We had heard great things about their breakfast and have loved having dinner there. We were very disappointed. The coffee had no flavor--good or bad. I had the eggs benedict and did not like their hollandaise sauce. Ralph had the Cinnamon Raisin French Toast and found it only mediocre. It was sad. We really liked them for dinner and expected a better breakfast. Oh, well. There are plenty of good breakfast places around. We'll just go somewhere different next time.
So I promised pics of Kenya, so here are a few.
Kenya when we first got her! Isn't she sweet!
Our big girl now! She is probably about half of what she will be!

We are so proud of her b/c she can now make it up the steps in our house--she can't come back down on her own yet--but she can go up!

I found a new project over the weekend! Actually it started a couple weekends back. I found this "dresser" at one of our local
Goodwill stores. The first weekend I saw it it was priced for $39.99. I thought it was a steal. It needed a little elbow grease, but still a good deal. Well, we didn't have any time that weekend or that following week to go it. I was sure it was gone but went in last weekend to see if it was still there. Not only was it still there, but it was knocked down to $14.99! I called Ralph right then and told him we were getting it and I started calling friends with bigger vehicles to help me pick it up. Well, on the first call I got a hold of our good friends
Kristi and Phil. Phil said he was available right then so he and his daughter, Lila (cute as a button), came to my aid and helped me bring it home. It is now in process, as I ran out of sandpaper and health :) in the middle of working on it! Here is all the progress I've made! Hopefully, I can finish up tomorrow. It needs a second coat of paint on all the areas I have painted and the first and second on the ones I haven't. :)
I can't wait to get it done!


  1. Love the buffet. You got a lot done before you got sick!! Kenya has really changed!! Thats funny she still can't come down the stairs! Glad you are feeling better! Hope it moves out of your chest very quickly. There is a new restaraunt here in town that we have not tried yet, but Bobby and Tiffany say it is a lot like a Old Country Buffet. Will try it sometime.

  2. Hey, super cute dog. I can't believe she is half of what she will be. Love the buffet!!! It is going to look so amazing when you are done! Make sure you post pics.

  3. Way to go woman! That buffet is going to look great when you are done-nice find!:) I can't believe how big Kenya has gotten-she is soooo cute! Glad you are feeling better, what a bummer! Thanks for the book, Carter is going to call you but we were gone all day! Good find!