Thursday, June 16, 2005

So muses the girl behind the Hobbit Door . . .

I recently started Beth Moore's new Bible Study, The Patriarchs: Encountering the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Today we looked at Abram's bad plan when they came to Egypt in Genesis 12:10-20. This is where he passes off Sarai as his sister to Pharaoh and then God rescues her. Beth quotes F.B.Meyer from Life of Abraham: The Obedience of Faith .
How much better would it have been for Abrahm to have thrown the responsibility back on God, and to have said, 'Thou hast brought me here; Thou must now bear the whole weight of providing for me and mine: here I will stay till I clearly know what Thou wilt have me to do.' If any should read these lines who have come into positions of extreme difficulty, through following the simple path of obedience, let them not look at God through difficulties, as we see the sun shorn of splendour through a fog;but let them look at difficulties through God. Let them put God between themselves and the disasters which threaten them. Let them cast the whole responsibility upon Him. Has He not thus brought you into difficulties, that He may have an opportunity of strengthening your faith, by giving some unexampled proof of His power? Wait only on the Lord, trust also in Him . . . He will provide.

I read that and my whole soul responds to it! Often this is how I respond to those disasters so totally out of my control. I look at God and say "What do You want to do here, Lord? How are you going to glorify Yourself in this? I know that You will so I will just wait and trust while You do." But then there are those disasters that I think "What if it's my own fault? What did I do wrong? Maybe I caused this." That brings me to Dave Door and his sermon this past week, Exhale. Is this just me thinking the "old way"? I know there are times when our sin does cause disasters in our lives. It's just hard when you're in the midst of them to determine, and then take F.B.Meyer's advice with confidence.This is what I'm pondering.


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